Windows 10 Anniversary Update Problems? You Are Not Alone

Windows 10 Update Issues

If you own a PC with Windows 10 on it, then you are very much aware of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, whether you like it or not. The update is the largest and most important update to Windows 10 yet, but it has some problems. First thing to note is that the update is compulsory. You don’t really have a choice in the matter – it will install itself.

To make matters worse, users around the world are reporting that the upgrade hangs and that various components within the Windows 10 operating system are non-functional after the update (see Microsoft’s half-hearted mea culpa). One option is to revert back to the previous configuration, but it’s only a temporary solution, because the update will eventually reinstall itself.

It’s Like Groundhog Day, Over and Over and Over…

One of our computers hung during installation, so we rebooted and restored the previous configuration. No problem, right? Wrong. The update downloaded again, and kept attempting to schedule the installation at a time when the computer wasn’t typically in use – 12:30am. I could change the suggested install date to the next day, but after a couple of times pushing out the install date, the option to choose another date disappeared. The update was going to install – like it or not – right in the middle of the day.

The system hung again during installation again. We’ve since resolved the issue, so our computer is humming along now with the new update completed.

Call Us, We Can Help

If you are having issues since the update was installed, call us at (806) 701-4504. We’ve seen it, experienced it, and have overcome! We can do a free diagnostic check on your computer when you bring it in, just in case you have other underlying problems with your computer just waiting to jump out at you at the worst possible moment.